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Bank Notes

As a licenced dealer in wholesale banknotes, we have extensive experience trading in all major currencies with some of the world's leading foreign exchange houses, financial institutions and banks. Our inventory includes over 80 different world currencies that are stocked daily.
We buy used or surplus banknotes from local and overseas clientele that are consolidated and returned safely to our vaults where they are stored until there is a demand for them. Always aspiring to provide the best for our patrons, we consistently offer competitive exchange rates and attractive settlements terms.

Benefits gained by trading with us

Our customers rely upon us to supply them with foreign banknotes whenever they are in need of them. Therefore, during the past 20 years, we have focused on building close relationships with leading airlines and security partners to ensure that our currencies are dispatched in an efficient and timely manner with the utmost security. Our aim is to deliver bulk currency orders quickly, reliably and securely to any part of the world.
By dealing with Exchange International Pte Ltd, you will benefit from the following :
  • Capacity to source and deliver all major currencies on an international scale
  • Extensive knowledge and expertise on currency market movements
  • Significant investment in compliance, technology and long term relationships
  • Competitive quotes for the buying and selling of all major currencies
  • Prompt and efficient service for the buying and selling of large amounts of foreign currencies