Welcome to Exchange International Pte Ltd

About Us

The Company

Situated in Singapore, one of the most prominent financial hubs in the Asia Pacific, we are a private exempt Currency Exchange Company incorporated on 30thMarch 1991 with the Registry of Companies and Businesses Singapore.
Licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), renewable every year, we mainly engage ourselves in the purchase and sale of foreign currency banknotes. Being a conspicuous figure in the wholesale banknotes business, our major customers are foremost Banks, Financial Institutions and other Licensed Money Changers in South East Asia, Europe, Australasia, The Fiji Islands and The Middle East.

Procedure and Security

In order to keep all the officers informed on adjustments regarding counterfeit notes, security processes and general guidance on Anti Money Laundering/Counter Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) compliance, continuous staff training is being administered by the company. These administrations include seminars and workshops on AML, customer service, security and inter personal relationships. Regular internal audits and checks are undertaken to ensure that the company is in compliance with external and internal rules and regulations. On an annual basis, independent auditors are engaged to perform audit checks on the company and a performance report is submitted to the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Core Values

Team Work : Our team is supportive of each other’s positive efforts, loyal to one another and bind together to achieve our company’s mission in the interest of all the stakeholders.
Passion : We are passionate about our customers, our brand, our products and our people, thereby delivering superior value and excellent services at all times.
Positive Attitude : We maintain positive attitude towards our customers and their needs, our products and services, our company and management, our subordinates and peers, spending the most quality time of our life at work with a sense of satisfaction.
Respect : All customers and colleagues are treated with mutual respect and sensitivity, irrespective of their status recognizing the importance of diversity.
Loyalty and Commitment : The team at Exchange International Pte Ltd is loyal and committed to all the stakeholders i.e. Customers, Business Partners, Employees, Management and Owners of Exchange International Pte Ltd.

Human Resources

The key to any organisations success is its Human Resources. Exchange International Pte Ltd makes significant on-going investment in developing a highly qualified and committed workforce. This involves not only a comprehensive program of staff training and management development, but also a focus on employee motivation, recognition and reward. Over the years, Exchange International Pte Ltd has implemented many employee benefit programs and continuously benchmarks its services against the local industry and the region. Exchange International Pte Ltd aligns its objectives with its corporate vision and mission to continuously provide outstanding level of service to its clientele.
The doors at Exchange International Pte Ltd are open to all eager, hard-working and dedicated Singapore citizens and residents, who relish the challenge of competition, are hungry to learn, willing to share their skills and whose loyalty will ensure Exchange International Pte Ltd progresses into being the leading regional Foreign Exchange Centre in South East Asia while achieving continuous improvement in financial results.